French Oak Tankard

Tall Ship Barrels

Genuine French Oak Tankard. Like most French Oak, ours comes from one of the 5 or more of the famous forests that were planted in the days of Napoléon for shipbuilding. Since timber ships died out over a century ago, barrels are one of the primary sources the timber is crafted into. Once the French oak had reached maturity after around 120 years it is cut then air dried between 24 and 36 months before being crafted into our fantastic barrels and tankards!  


These premium quality beer Tankard make the perfect & memorable gift for all occasions! They are crafted traditionally with no wax, glues or nails of any kind. Tall Ship Barrels mugs are extremely tough and durable and super easy to clean. Perfect for wedding gifts (groomsman, best man, mother of the bride, etc) birthdays, father’s day, or any celebration!



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