A Little About Us


Wooden barrels have been used to store food and liquid for centuries. As trade and transportation developed around the world it became clear that wooden barrels were a vastly superior vessel than the clay pots that has been used previously and so, the market for wooden barrels for sale was born. Wooden barrels are not only less fragile, but they also stack much better and, as was discovered accidentally, they impart a warm, wooden flavor to whatever is stored inside.


Today, the ancient trade of cooperage – or the making of barrels – is more of an art form than it ever was. Barrels are now prized for their flavor enhancing properties as much as for their storage abilities but the cooper is still the king in this world, as it is he who determines the best oak to use and assembles the barrel to the same exacting standards from long ago.


If you’re looking for wooden barrels for sale then it’s important to find one that is made for how you want to use it. Just like the coopers of long ago, you’ll have to find the right size, the right wood, and the right amount of charring to properly flavor the wine, beer, or spirit you’ll put inside. There are plenty to choose from here at Tall Ship Barrels; all high quality and manufactured to the same specifications laid out in the past.