American Oak Tankard

Tall Ship Barrels

Half and One Liter Oak Mugs

Give the perfect gift with Tall Ship Barrels beer Tankard! These Mugs are hand-made using the traditional techniques of the ancient cooper masters. The old fashioned style beer mugs shape are similar to those from the middle ages and that makes them antique in design.

Like the earliest tankards, our Tankard is made from American White Oak wooden staves, much like our barrels. It has four Stainless Steel hoops, and a wooden handle. An all natural special bees brewery wax is used inside. This creates a sealed layer inside the beer mug preventing any initial leaking. As such they’re water tight and meant to be used for cold drinks only.

These premium quality beer Tankard make the perfect & memorable gift for all occasions! Tall Ship Barrels mugs are extremely tough and durable and super easy to clean. Perfect for wedding gifts (groomsman, best man, mother of the bride, etc) birthdays, father’s day, or any celebration!


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