Oak Tankards

Oak Tankards


Have you been looking for that perfect gift for the man in your life? Well look no more, for these are real mugs for real men. And even realler women (is that a word? no? Well real ladies drink from them also). These Half Liter and Full Liter Oak Mugs are made from genuine American White Oak, bound by four stainless steel hoops, much the same as our barrels for aging whiskey, rum, tequila, bourbon, scotch, wine, whatever your poison so happens to be.. Complete with a genuine fire scorched char on the inner face of the tankard.

There is  no stainless steel lining inside these genuine mugs, however in order to keep any of your precious liquor from escaping between the staves, we've applied a light inner coating of beeswax on the inner edge to help protect and seal the joins. What drinking article would look as good next to an accompanying American Oak Barrel. Many of our customers use these same barrels to age their own whiskey, rum, wines and other concocted brews of their imaginations in them. Well, we have made them in to these great oak barrel mugs for you to drink your delicious brews, except now - it's even more delicious!

Coming Soon in 2018 we will be launching a laser engraving option to add that personal touch to your tankard with your name, initials, even bat sign if your gift recipient happens to be batman. Just be sure to let us know if you want the mug engraved for a left handed drinker or right handed.  This way when they hold their super awesome tankard - everyone else will be able to see who’s sweet mug it is by the engraving showing.

 So don't spend another minute longer sampling that liquid gold like all the other plebs, Order your Tankard today and be the envy of all your mates!


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A better gift, there is none:

Perfect for Father’s Day Gift, Groomsmen Gift, Wedding Gift, Anniversary Gift, International Beer Day, International Whisky Day, All the Seasonal Holiday Gifts, or even just an I Love You Gift!


Alright, grab your tankard - Let us regale you with the interesting history of wooden tankards… during the Saxon era, the wooden tankard was the most common form of drinking vessel. Unless you were king - then you probably had some kind of golden chalice or fancy diamond crusted goblet!

Anyway.. Some of these tankards had a capacity of up to four pints. These largish tankards (I suppose they're large for non Aussie men..) were not for the solo chug, but rather they were designed to be shared. Despite the intended use, the contents were usually speedily dispatched by eager individuals, encouraging riotous drunkenness and blatant disregard for the law of the land.

In order to subdue the drunkenness, King Edgar (who reigned from 959-975AD) introduced a decree stipulating that the wooden tankards were to be fitted with pins or pegs all the way down, with each interval denoting one person’s measure.

So, the idea was, you drank the ale down to the next peg, and then handed it on. Drinking more than your share would ultimately entail taking the next man down a peg or two (and so the saying was born). Don't worry we don’t have any pegs on our tankards here at Tall Ship Barrels, so you won't be brought down a peg or two by our doing. On the other hand, you're not going to have the opportunity to bring anyone else down a peg either!

There you have it, a short tale of the not so flattering history of Oak Tankards - grab yours and wow your mates with this new found knowledge.